Resume Building Workshop for AI Engineers: Webinar Takeaways

A professional resume is much more than just an information dump in 2022. It represents you and reaches the recruiters and hiring managers well before you do. Especially for AI engineers, building a good resume might be the first step to making the most of the career opportunities available. While you can get thousands of layouts and samples to choose from on the internet, our workshop helped attendees to understand the art of resume building better. 

 On Thursday, 11th August 2022, we successfully conducted a webinar workshop on resume building, the first in a series of webinars planned for AI engineers by Squadery. Jamie Santos HR/community manager at Squadery and Robert(Rob) Traghetto VP of AI Services at Fusemachines guided participants through the nuances of resume building and the path to their dream jobs in the U.S.

The interactive webinar covered how to build a stand-out resume starting from the basics, pointing at the common mistakes, and finally, some exclusive tips from our highly experienced panelists to grab the attention of the hiring managers from top companies around the world. 

If you missed the webinar, we’ve got your back. For exclusive tips, key pointers, and valuable information on resume building, from our highly knowledgeable and experienced panelists, download and watch the full recorded webinar on demand here.

Here are our takeaways. 

Covering the resume basics 

Before getting into the art of resume building, our panelists familiarized the attendees with Squadery and Fusemachines, followed by their brief introduction. Jamie refreshed the webinar attendees with resume basics, and Rob further emphasized the importance of a good resume for job seekers. 

This segment ended with a quick poll for the attendees with questions regarding resume length and resume customization to job positions. These results helped our panelists better understand the attendees’ resume building skills.   

Looking at a typical hiring pipeline

Jamie and Rob shared their views with some interesting resume stats and discussed how relatable they are in their experience. Before dissecting a typical hiring pipeline, Jamie conducted a second poll for the webinar, asking attendees to choose their best pick among a few resume samples. The results were interesting here as well. 

Looking at a typical modern hiring pipeline showed that the number of resumes reaching the hands of a technical person was much less than the total number of applicants. It further solidified the need for a strong resume in the current job market. 

AI tools used for recruitment

Jamie introduced some of the most common AI recruitment tools, such as resume parsers, automated screeners, and candidate relationship management (CRM) Tools. She followed it with descriptions and illustrations of how these tools help change the hiring landscape. Rob provided valuable insights on how candidates or AI engineers can optimize resumes to adapt to the new recruitment technologies. 

Exploring the dos and don’ts of a technical resume

Entering the core section of the webinar, Jamie provided the attendees with some thoughtful dos and don’ts of technical resume building. The points here were inspired by several years of experience dealing with all kinds of resumes. It summarized what to do and avoid during resume building to positively impact the recruiters. 

Key components of a technical resume building 

In the longest segment of the resume building workshop, the panelists broke down different components of a technical resume and focused on improving every single aspect. There were several practical demonstrations on how to improve and master the first glance, summary, work experience, and programming language & technologies section of your technical resume. The session ended with a case study and some more tips to make your professional resume stand out. 


Giovanni Lemus, VP of Product Innovation at Fusemachines, had an exciting announcement about the next Squadery webinar on ‘Mastering AI Job Interviews’ after the workshop ended. 

The webinar then had a brief Q&A session with the attendees, and both Rob and Jamie answered their concerns thoroughly. With decades of combined experience between them, our panelists provided several exclusive tips and valuable knowledge to attendees throughout the webinar. Download and watch the full recorded webinar on demand here

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