Squadery: Bringing AI Jobs to Underserved Communities Around the World

By: Sameer Maskey, CEO and Founder Fusemachines and Adjunct Associate Professor, Columbia University

I strongly believe in the saying that “talent is everywhere but opportunities are not”. This is the very reason why, over the years, I, along with my team, have made concerted efforts to bring myriad opportunities – be it AI education and training or high-paying AI and ML jobs — to a deserving pool of candidates in an effort to bridge the ever-growing talent and opportunity gap.

While talent shortage plagues organizations globally, the approach to remedy this critical issue has often focused on sourcing talent locally. But if the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that remote work is possible and organizations don’t have to just rely on the local pool of talent. The reality is, there is a lot of untapped potential across the globe, and especially in underserved markets waiting to be discovered, and eager to work remotely.

Which is why I am excited to unveil our new talent platform, Squadery. With this new platform, we are offering elite engineering and technology talent across the globe a one-of-a-kind opportunity to get matched with sought-after contract roles at top US companies — Fortune500 companies and start-ups alike — while staying connected with a network of like-minded professionals.

With Squadery, our primary goal is to unburden expert technology talent as much as possible from cumbersome job application and search processes as well as nuances associated with remote working. To make this possible, we have created an extremely simple and efficient application process, whereby a candidate applies to join our network by submitting their credentials, gets vetted by our team of experts through a mix of interviews and technical assessments, and gets matched with the right opportunities immediately.

As a company that has witnessed first-hand the tangible impact of quality training, upskilling and job-creation initiatives on the socio-economic conditions of underserved markets, I am excited about the new ways of bringing opportunities to deserving talent. But most of all, I am excited about how this platform brings up yet another step closer to creating enhanced access for technology talent, including but not limited to AI talent, which is close to our hearts and aligns directly with the Fusemachines mission of democratizing AI.

Companies globally are in a greater need for qualified engineers — now more than ever – owing to the swift wave of digital transformation and promises of cost and time efficiencies that technology advancements bring with them. With platforms like Squadery, we want in-demand talent to have a direct point of access to the organizations that will value their skills and expertise. While we want to focus on matching exceptional talent with exceptional roles as a first step, we intend to make it a more holistic talent nurturing and engagement platform in the near future. So, stay tuned!

If you have questions about Squadery and how it works, please reach out to  . Our team is also around to assist with any questions you have country-specific queries, such as legal requirements, work permits and taxes.

About the Author
Sameer Maskey is the Founder and CEO of Fusemachines Inc, an AI talent and education platform and service provider. Dr. Maskey has more than 18 years of experience in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning, and data science.