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5 Tips to Land Your First Freelance Job in AI

Artificial Intelligence is applied in almost every domain. A few examples of industries that use AI technology are healthcare, supply chain, logistics, transport, banking and agriculture. There are more jobs available to AI freelancers than ever before. Through a few simple steps, you can make your application stand out to employers as you apply for your first freelance job in AI. 


As you prepare for your career as an artificial intelligence engineer, it’s important to specialize in as many areas as possible, starting with a strong background in coding languages such as Python, C, and C++. Because AI is a multi-disciplinary technology, a solid understanding of machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow or an expertise in data analytics like R will make you stand out among other engineers. 

Machine learning gives systems the ability to learn and improve. It’s crucial that AI engineers master machine learning algorithms so they’re able to tackle real world problems. 

AI engineers must have the ability to utilize data analytics tools so they are able to effectively power AI-driven applications. Data is everywhere, but is only useful if it is handled correctly. 

Maintain Up to date LinkedIn Profile

Keeping up your LinkedIn profile up to date may sound simple, but it is crucial when applying for freelancing jobs. Think of the site as a virtual trade show where you can network 24/7. Freelancers are often excluded from corporate job shows and networking events so LinkedIn is a great way to optimize the amount of employers that are viewing your profile. Go check your profile and make sure you have a recent picture, work history, and resume.  

Ask for Testimonials

It takes a lot for a freelancer to stand out to a company they’re working for. Some companies are starting to use databases to keep track of past freelancers’ work through tools like Stoke Talent or MyTalents portal. These allow the company to rehire freelancers they’ve used in the past, but it also provides you the opportunity to access great recommendations. Ask for feedback on your work as your past employers most likely have it accessible to them and can give you evaluations to help you improve. 

Define What You Offer

It’s important to provide potential employers with a clear understanding of what services you offer. It may seem like a good idea to offer a broad range of services, but going back to specialization, the more specific your profile the more likely you are to be matched with a job that utilizes your particular skill set. One way to define your skills clearly is by listing technical skills on your resume and LinkedIn profile. 

Build a Resume

Your resume is meant to demonstrate your abilities to employers as a way to convince them that you are the perfect candidate for the role. A polished resume is the first step in securing an interview. You want your resume to stand out, but also follow the standards of a professional document. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can freshen up your resume to make it as appealing to potential employers as possible: 

  1. Years of experience

The recruiter will quickly scan the education section to confirm your graduation date—whether this is a university, boot camp, or something else—then subtract how much time has passed.

  1. Relevant technologies

If applying for a Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer position for a company that mostly focuses on Computer Vision products and services, the recruiter would want to scan and see if they spot any vision related technologies, and your proficiency in the desired field.

  1. Work experience

Be very specific in the AI domain/projects you have worked in and make use of domain-specific quantifiers wherever applicable.

For more information on building a resume check out Harvard’s career center for a free workshop

Bottom Line

Becoming a freelance engineer opens up a world of possibilities to control the way that you work. Through hard work, dedication, motivation, and the will to survive and be successful, one can develop a career that is both meaningful and important. 

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