Habits of highly successful AI freelancers

Starting a career as a freelancer can be challenging and is not for everyone. A freelance AI job is desirable, with flexibility and control to work for companies around the world regardless of location. Thanks to the high demand for AI talent in recent years, you will never run out of projects and opportunities. 

Your role as a freelance AI engineer will involve designing applications, assessing and organizing models, executing tests and experiments, and developing AI systems. Given projects might require you to specialize further in various tools and technologies. While sending the proposal, giving an interview for the role, or setting up the rate, knowing the value and demand for the expertise help freelancers succeed in their professional journey.

Freelance success doesn’t always mean the highest pay per hour. Maintaining a work-life balance and being happy in what you do is equally important. Some common traits define highly successful AI freelancers and put them above the rest. 

Traits of Highly Successful Remote AI engineers 

Prepared to learn and upgrade 

AI is a constantly evolving industry. Freelancers must always adapt to new technologies, tools, better techniques, and more to be prepared for their next project. Spend at least a few hours every week learning new things or catching up to the latest in AI and upgrade your skills accordingly. Founder of DataSpeckle and AI consultant Dr. Bülent Uyaniker, a member of the Squadery network since 2019, suggests preparing your toolset as early as possible. This will help you understand the project’s goal better.

Top AI freelancers think like entrepreneurs

Thinking like an entrepreneur helps you overcome challenges, accept responsibility for your work and make decisions that will enhance projects. Approaching freelance projects like this also lets you learn and improve regularly. This mindset will give you the motivation and confidence to do better in your freelancing career. 

Constant Adaptability 

Freelancers must be able to adapt to the changing work landscape to let their remote AI careers flourish. These changes might be different timezones, work cultures, industries and so on. Finding your place and making a good first impression if you have to work in a new team is also significant. If someone can expand their capacity to handle changes, they can accommodate the challenges ahead effectively.

Capable to demand more 

It is important to define your expertise and what you offer while working remotely. As a freelance AI and data science professional, you must know that skilled individuals can demand high wages. This is due to the AI talent shortage. Successful freelancers can demand more and know the value of their skills accurately. 

Always aware of up-and-coming platforms

Digital nomads should always be on the lookout for their next opportunity. It is the right time to try a new specialized platform to elevate your freelance journey further. For AI and big data freelancers, there is no better place than Squadery to establish your career. It is a one-of-a-kind platform connecting talent to high-paying roles from prominent US companies. 

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Ability to work collaboratively in a team 

Remote workers sometimes feel disconnected from their industries or companies. If you can collaborate and communicate with your team or other freelancers while maintaining an organized workflow, you can increase productivity and achieve higher results. Familiarize yourself with code-sharing platforms such as GitHub, Gitlab, Bitbucket, and more. 

Is up to date with the latest trends and AI news

Freelancers who do well in their careers are active and current on everything related to their industry. This allows them to be aware of changes and opportunities and learn from others and grow their professional networks. Find out how in this blog. 

Bottom Line 

Not all freelancers succeed. People often blame lack of skills, but for your remote AI career to grow, you must have most of the traits mentioned earlier. Habits such as consistency, punctuality, and sincerity are valued by any employer. 

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