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Enabling AI Revolution with Distributed AI Teams

AI Evolution

AI has introduced a technological revolution across many industries. By leveraging programming and massive datasets, AI enables machines to simulate cognitive tasks from autonomous vehicles to robotic process automation. There are more AI opportunities than ever and businesses need trusted resources to connect them with vendors, specialists and companies who buy or sell AI powered products and services. This is where distributed teams come in.

Distributed AI Teams 

Distributed teams work remotely from different locations and have no central office. During the pandemic, 70% of employees didn’t think it was necessary to go into an office. Companies have become increasingly more flexible on work spaces. 

Benefits of Distributed Teams 

Access to top talent globally 

Distributed teams increase the talent pool. Companies have access to top talent from around the world, better hires, and more opportunities for faster scaling and growth no longer limited by location. 

Job satisfaction and career development 

Distributed teams offer increased wellness, employee happiness and reduced turnover. Companies are not at risk of losing talent based on location. 


Salaries remain competitive with distributed teams but lower overhead costs for businesses, as office spaces aren’t mandatory. Companies can repurpose budget to offer remote perks and face-to-face team activities and training. 

Less distraction, more focus 

Some employees work better in the privacy of their own homes with more focus and productivity. Harvard Business Review reported a 13.5% increase in productivity when employees worked remotely. Working remotely also cuts commute time.

Team agility 

When teams are distributed across time zones, employees are “on the clock” for more of each 24-hour period which drastically increases productivity.

Looking forward 

The distributed model requires a cultural shift that emphasizes results over hours and employee productivity and success over whereabouts. The distributed AI team is here to stay as more people work as “digital nomads.” To adapt, businesses should invest in the right tools and trainings. 

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