Evolving HR Trends & Tips For AI Talent 

The human resources (HR) industry constantly adapts to new work cultures, global events, emerging technologies, and innovations. Most tenets of HR start as trends and later become permanent aspects of workplace management. 

Staying up-to-date with the latest standards is crucial for aspiring AI talent, as it will ensure you’re a competitive candidate within the industry. 

Trends In HR for 2022

– Embracing the Hybrid Work Model 

According to Accenture, nearly 63% of the high-growth businesses in the US have adopted a hybrid work model. Although the concept of “productivity anywhere” can be a deal-breaker for some job candidates. Most HR departments have integrated new AI technologies to create a better environment for remote and in-office workers, so the two can work together as one team. A prominent example of this is HR direct. It provides a set of smart apps with different suite packages for different HR arms. 

– Upskilling and Training for Workforce Transformation 

The hot skills of a few years ago might not be applicable in 2022. It is no secret upskilling current employees is a more effective long-term solution than hiring new people when new capability requirements arise. HR departments value longevity. The AI talent shortage is another factor contributing to the popularity of upskilling existing employees. AI engineers can benefit from a more prevalent training and upskilling culture at workplaces with this trend. 

– Upsurge of Skill-based Hiring 

AI and other technologies are transforming the labor market. Some jobs will be automated, updated, and some entirely new, requiring new skills. Skill-based hiring will be the recruitment trend moving forward. Similarly, diversity, inclusion, and equity are other priorities for businesses that every candidate should be aware of when entering a new team.   

– Employee Well- Being is a Top Priority 

Maintaining employee well-being is the best solution to the great resignation. The latest HR trends incorporate the financial and emotional well-being of employees. According to Harvard Business School, subjective well-being and happiness bring considerable objective benefits to companies.  

Role of AI in HR Evolution 

AI uses pre-programmed algorithms capable of making real-time decisions. Companies can expect an upgraded HR department with better results in everyday processes through the help of intelligence-backed technologies. AI integration will enable the HR teams to make better decisions via a thorough analysis, classification, prediction, and monitoring of human resources in an organization. A well-informed human resources department can actively work for the company’s and its employees’ benefit.

AI adds immediate value to HR teams. Take L’oreal for example, one of the largest beauty companies in the world. By integrating AI applications using computational linguistics in their screening process, they’ve smartly maintained their career sites which get over 5 million visitors each year. It helps L’oreal recruiters identify applicants’ potential while delivering a high-quality candidate experience.

In a recent Forbes article, Dr. Sameer Maskey, CEO and founder of Fusemachines, discussed how AI is able to disrupt HR and recruiting. He highlighted the role of AI in building an efficient HR team and improving employee engagement. 

Formulating an HR strategy involves planning, recruitment, management, and analytics. The impact of AI in talent acquisition has been significant with the emergence of Smart HR. Other bodies of human resources could also benefit from the practical AI applications currently available for fulfilling tasks such as onboarding, monitoring, measurement, and offboarding. 

Tips for AI Talent to Keep Up With HR Trends 

  • Follow the recruitment trends. Portals like Glassdoor, Buscojobs, Computrabajo, and Indeed can help. Check out their focused interview sections. 
  • Observe the emphasis on training and development on the job announcements/vacancy details. 
  • Learn about standard performance management techniques. It’ll help you from the first assessment to performance reviews later on.  
  • Study how modern companies maintain employee relations.
  • Changing HR trends bring opportunities. Prepare yourself to be the ideal candidate for the right job. 
  • Join the best platforms to be in the appropriate HR loop. A talent platform like Squadery for AI Engineers and Data engineers can provide an excellent pathway to high-paying roles in top US companies.

Bottom Line 

HR leaders are moving away from the one-size-fits-all model of employee management and applying a personalized approach. AI and advanced automation are bound to power the future of the HR industry. With these changes, AI engineers can benefit from being on the radar of appropriate companies that fit their preferences and skillset. 

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