How AI Engineers Can Stay Updated on Latest AI News, Trends & Inventions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is always changing with news, trends, innovations, and inventions to stay current on. Knowing what to look for and where can be tricky and time consuming. Nonetheless, staying up-to-date is worthwhile for AI professionals and enthusiasts.

What can an AI engineer do to stay updated? An endless stream of AI-related information can be found on various sources and mediums. The key is to cover all bases by being active across highly informative channels and events. 

Dependable Resources for AI News and Trends 

1. Web Discussions and Q&A Forums 

There are massive online communities for AI and machine learning. This content is fueled by fellow AI enthusiasts. With knowledgeable moderators and good verification standards, you can get substantial information quickly. 

Here are some examples of the biggest web discussion communities for following AI news today. 

1. Reddit: r/machine learning (2.5M members), r/artificial (170k members)

2. Quora Spaces: Artificial intelligence (2.5M members), Machine learning (2M followers)

2. Subscribing to Relevant Newsletters 

There are several AI newsletters out there from reputed authors and AI writers. You can select from weekly or monthly newsletters to get AI news straight to your inbox. Some notable examples are Fuse Letter, Inside AI, Venturebeat’s AI Weekly, and TNW Neural. AI newsletters are mostly compiled by AI engineers and academics and provide summarized info on the latest AI trends and news. By subscribing to the right newsletter, you can focus on what’s important. 

3. Podcasts & YouTube

Podcasts are the preferred form of communication media for AI engineers. They let you listen to AI news and the latest topics in episode format and on the go. Great shows include the AI today podcast, the Lex Fridman podcast, and Data Skeptic. Even if English isn’t your preferred language, you can find AI podcasts in different languages like Lo Que AI que oír, a Spanish podcast by Anchor Fm.

Similarly, you can follow YouTube channels on ML and AI. Sensex, Robert Mies, and Deep Mind are popular for delivering AI content in engaging formats. The YouTube channel of Spain AI is another dependable source for Spanish-speaking AI engineers. 

4. Webinars, Expos and Meetups

Webinars are a convenient way to follow experts and meet fellow AI engineers, along with with networking and discussions. Most events also have career segments where you can find openings, new projects, collaboration invites, and more. You can find upcoming AI webinars, expos, and meetups from different social media platforms and posts.

Bottom Line

Consuming AI trends and news from different sources can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Knowing where to look for information helps. By creating a habit of following good sources, you’ll can be prepared for new opportunities and changes. 

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