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AI & Big Data: Understanding The Synergies

Businesses around the world understand the significance of data analysis. Despite general differences, big data analytics and AI work in synergy to push the limits of tech. AI and data professionals complement each other’s skillsets. 

Small data sets limited the early development of AI. Automated learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and machine learning took off due to big data. Similarly, big data analysis is optimized with the involvement of artificial intelligence. 

What is big data?

Big data represents data sets that are extremely large and grow exponentially over time. For example, The New York Stock Exchange generates approximately 1TB of trade data daily. In 1987, John Mashey popularized the term “big data” as he developed the software to handle such volumes. By the early 90s, huge amounts of data were collected and stored providing valuable insights when analyzed.

IT professionals recognized the significance of this, leading to the introduction of jobs in big data, such as big data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, and data security analyst.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence refers to the set of technologies simulating human cognition. It incorporates machines (computer systems) and intelligent programs to execute tasks that generally require human intelligence. Smart personal assistants Siri and Alexa are some of the most well-known examples of AI

AI Big Data Analytics

Big data is not new, but analytics can be complex with traditional data-processing applications. Big data analytics (BDA) methods became relevant with the ability to work with massive data sets. AI engineers knew a new phase of AI advancement would become necessary as big data emerged. AI is leveraged in different phases of the big data cycle, i.e., aggregation, storage, and retrieval of different types of data coming from various sources. 

Common Applications of AI Big Data Analytics 

1. Tracking customer spending habits 

2. Product recommendation system 

3. Smart traffic systems 

4. Smart virtual personal assistants  

5. Operational data collection and refinement in IoT

Synergy in Technology Innovation 

AI and big data analytics establish patterns, negate anomalies, and optimize algorithms. Big data technology uses AI in the same way AI relies on large datasets and big data technology to evolve and improve decision making. The two work together to achieve better customer service, perform verified data analysis, accurate predictive maintenance, and more while demanding less labor input and resources. 

Bottom Line 

Big data and AI are transforming technology for the better. Industries dealing with a large amount of data are looking to capitalize on knowledge extracted from it. Therefore, the demand for AI and big data roles is high. As a professional, you can choose promising projects and companies to pursue a rising career in AI and big data analytics. 

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